The existence and functioning of the Hellenic Navy’s Petty Οfficers’ Academy is closely related to the History and the Tradition of the Hellenic Navy. The first attempt towards the establishment of the Junior Sailors’ School was made with the Decree issued March 17th, 1879. In the aforementioned government official document it was stated that “the crew of “ATHINA” will make use of this ship as a School for Petty Officers, Seamen and junior sailors, after the ship has been refitted and fully equipped.”
Ever since, the Academy has operated under different names. Its first name, in 1887, when it was located in the island of Poros, was “Central Training Base”. A year later, in 1888, the “Junior Sailors’ School” was set up in the Battle Ship “Queen Olga”. From 1909 to 1924 the “Junior Sailors’ School” was relocated in the “Central Training Base” in Poros, where in 1924 it was renamed as “Cadet Petty Οfficers’ School”. In 1920 the “School of Technicians” was instituted in the Naval Yard of Salamis. In 1936 the “Cadet Petty Οfficers’ School” stopped existing and the “Junior Sailors’ School” came again into existence.
Due to the 2nd World War the School remained closed from 1941 to 1945. In April 1945 the School came into operation again as “Poros Royal Training Base”. In 1948, it was renamed as “Poros Training Center”. In 1969 it changed its name again to “Hellenic Navy’s Cadet Petty Οfficers’ School”, being still located in Poros. In 1970, the “School of Technicians” in the Naval Yard of Salamis was renamed as “Hellenic Navy’s Technician Cadet Petty Οfficers’ School”. In 1980 the “Hellenic Navy’s Technician Cadet Petty Οfficers’ School” was renamed as “Technicians’ Training Center” and in 1984 the “Technicians’ Training Center” was renamed as “Sakipis Training Center”. Οn December 18th , 1981 the “Hellenic Navy’s Cadet Petty Οfficers’ School” in Poros was renamed as “Hellenic Navy’s Petty Οfficers’ School”. August 18th, 1991 was the date when the “Hellenic Navy’s Petty Οfficers’ School” was transferred to “Palaskas Training Center” in the area of Skaramangas. Later the “Hellenic Navy’s Petty Οfficers’ School” became a military institution belonging to tertiary education, thus for reasons of comprehension in all languages other than Greek it is called “Hellenic Navy’s Petty Οfficers’ Academy”. Since July 5th, 2000, when “Sakipis Training Center” stopped functioning as a training center for Cadet Petty Officers, the “Hellenic Navy’s Petty Οfficers’ Academy” has been the unique Naval Academy from which Regular Petty Officers of all existing specialties graduate.