The Coat of Arms of the Hellenic Navy NCO Academy was established in 1981, along with the establishment of this Academy as a Unified Noncommissioned Officer Academy, the graduates of which become Hellenic Navy Noncommissioned Officers (Presidential Decree N. 1338/10-12-1981). The historical roots of the representations on the present-day Coat of Arms can be traced back to the first Coat of Arms of the onetime Junior Seaman School. The Junior Seaman School was formed according to the Decree issued June 19th, 1886, which prescribed “the Constitution of Special Naval Schools for the Training of Bosun’s Mates, Helmsmen, (afterwards Steersmen, then Signalmen) and Firemen”. The present Coat of Arms has been the third one since the time of Junior Seaman School. The first had the inscription “Junior Seaman School”, while the second had the inscription “SDYN” (“Hellenic Navy NCO Cadet Academy”).

The representations on the third, present-day Coat of Arms, which are mentioned below, symbolize the first three specialties of the first Noncommissioned Officers graduating from the onetime Junior Seaman School.

  • the Bosun’ s Mate’s anchor, symbolizing the Naval force of Greece
  • the Helmsman’s (Steersman’s) rudder, symbolizing good and safe navigation and direction towards noble goals and principles
  • the Fireman’s two crossed fire guns, symbolizing fire power, determination and readiness for the defence of the country