Greek Students’ Αdmission to the Hellenic Navy NCO Academy

The number of the Greek students to be admitted to the Hellenic Navy NCO Academy is determined by the Ministry of Defence on an annual basis and on the basis of the needs of the Hellenic Navy. Male and female candidates have to be graduates of Secondary Education Institutions (Senior High School). Every academic year in March an attendance invitation is issued by the Ministry of National Defence with regard to the admission of students to the Supreme Educational Military Institutions and to Higher Military NCO Academies. This invitation describes all the stages of the procedure and all the prerequisites that must be met in order for the candidates to enter the Academy.

More specifically:

Candidates’ admission to the Academy is in accordance with the candidates’ admission procedures to Greek Higher Education. Candidates participate in the Panhellenic Entrance Examinations and the minimum grade required each year for their admission to the Academy is determined prior to their enlistment.

Additionally, in order to be admitted to the Academy, candidates must pass medical, athletic and psychometric preliminary examinations.

After their selection and enlistment, recruits undergo basic military training which lasts for approximately thirty (30) days. Upon completion of the basic training and after taking the Pledge of Allegiance, the candidates officially join the ranks of the Navy as first-year Noncommissioned Officer Cadets.

The specialties to be allocated to the ΝCO Cadets, as well as the number of individuals for each of them, are determined each year by the Hellenic Navy General Staff and on the basis of the Hellenic Navy needs.

Admission to the Hellenic Navy NCO Academy for Greek-Cypriot Students / Foreign Students from Countries other than Cyprus

Greek Cypriots as well as foreign students from other countries can study on scholarship at the Hellenic Navy NCO Academy. The number of these students and the specialties allocated to them are determined on the basis of special programmes of the Ηellenic National Defence General Staff and of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The required supporting documents for Greek Cypriot and other foreign students and the criteria for their admission are defined in the relevant international agreements and circulars. They can be obtained from the respective Greek and foreign embassies and are usually the following:

– Birth certificate

– Certificate of Studies

– Health Certificate

– Official Certificate issued by the Government of the State they are citizens of, affirming that it has selected them for studying in the Hellenic Navy NCO Academy and determining the specific specialty that will be given to them.

Before their admission to the Academy, foreign students from countries other than Cyprus attend classes of the Greek Language for one academic year. After their admission to the Academy, they attend the same academic courses and undergo the same military and naval training as the other NCO Cadets. Moreover, they continue to attend classes of Greek on a weekly basis.

During their studies, the Hellenic Navy ΝCO Academy communicates on a regular basis with the embassies and representatives of these students’ countries of origin and informs them of their progress and performance.

After their graduation from the Academy, they either return to their countries of origin and join the Navy of their States or, following a relevant intergovernmental agreement, they may remain for a certain period of time in Greece and continue their practical training as NCOs on board Greek warships.

The scholarship provided to NCO Cadets who come from foreign countries includes accommodation and full board within the Academy, as well as sewing of uniforms and of other kinds of clothing. It also covers all tuition and education expenses.