Alongside Academic Education, ΝCO Cadets are provided with theoretical and practical Naval and Military Training, in order to familiarize themselves with the maritime environment, to develop seamanship and military virtues, as well as to acquire military knowledge.

1.Military training is continuous and lasts for as long as the Cadets study at the Academy. Its aims are the inculcation of Cadets’ conscious discipline and responsibility, of obedience and respect as well as the development of their mental and physical qualities. It also aims to instill in Cadets the principles of leadership and to cultivate a sense of responsibility, of dedication to duty, to patriotism and to moral principles indispensable for the Hellenic Navy NCOs.

Military training includes the fields of:

  1. Infantry Drills and Firearms
  2. Physical Education and Sports

2.Naval training involves theoretical, technical and practical knowledge and skills, as well as the practical training and application of naval science and technology in the maritime operational environment.

Naval Training includes the fields of:

  1. Seamanship
  2. Navigation and Naval Operations
  3. Gunnery – Τorpedoes, Mines and Depth Charges
  4. Ship Technology
  5. Water Sports and Αuxiliary Watercraft