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The Hellenic Navy NCO Academy is an Educational Institution of Higher Education, the graduates of which become Noncommissioned Οfficers. In the Academy, the future Noncommissioned Officers of the Hellenic Navy are instructed in order to be capable of coping successfully with the duties of their specializations.

In order for this to be achieved, education focuses on two basic pillars:

-The appropriate military/maritime education.
-The combination of the required theoretical education with the necessary practical training.

During the NCO Cadets’ studies in the Academy, the duration of which is three (3) academic years, selected military and civilian personnel is appointed in order to provide them with the required military training and academic education. At the same time, the objectives of instilling in NCO Cadets the necessary military and seamanship virtues, as well as of enhancing their spiritual and psychological potential, are persistently pursued.

Α priority for the Αcademy is sports activities and is met through the participation of Cadets in individual or team sports, with particular emphasis on water sports such as sailing, rowing and swimming.

During their studies, Cadets participate in short training cruises (the duration of which ranges from 1 to 3 days) to Greek ports. Also every summer a training cruise to ports οf the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, which lasts for approximately a month, takes place.

At the end of their studies in the Hellenic Navy NCO Academy graduates take the Pledge of Allegiance as Petty Officers Third Class and are transferred to ships and to other services of the Hellenic Navy on the basis of their specialization. ΝCOs who graduate from the Academy have a career in the Hellenic Navy up to the rank of Commander.

Young men and women, those of you who aspire to serve your country on warships and in other naval services, ensuring a dignified career abundant in experiences and recognition, those of you who wish to exploit the unique opportunities of acquiring great professional competence as Navy members, as well as of experiencing life at sea and the thrills it offers, read on.

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