From the date of their enlistment in the Academy, time counts as pensionable service for NCO recruits.

Upon completion of their three-year studies, the new NCOs receive the rank of Petty Officer Third Class and are transferred to warships of the Fleet Headquarters, assuming duties according to their specializations.

As long as the other conditions are met, the minimum time spent in each rank required for promotion is:

    1. three (3) years for Petty Officers Third Class
    2. three (3) years for Chief Petty Officers
    3. three (3) years for Senior Chief Petty Officers
    4. four (4) years for Warrant Officers

or, alternatively, fifteen (15) years of total military service starting from the date of the NCOs’ enlistment as recruits in the Hellenic Navy NCO Academy, οn condition that two years of this service have been at the rank of the Warrant Officer.

Both NCO Cadets during their studies at the Academy and NCOs after their graduation are entitled to full medical care. Moreover, NCOs’ family members are entitled to full medical care, provided that they receive no coverage by other insurance funds.